The Cruise-A-Long carries the same great benefits as the Crawl and Toddle; with two access points instead of three. Perfect for slighlty smaller spaces.

These structures are specially designed to meet the needs of children ages 6-23 months.

UP138 Benefits and Highlights
Designed for children ages 6-23 months
Durable enough for outdoors
Comfy Tuff surface provides extra comfort
Object recognition
Fine and gross motor skills
Available in Playful or Natural colors
UP138 Dimensions and Specifications
Space Required: 8?1? x 11?2?
Dimensions: 62?L x 25?W x 33?H
Capacity: 6
Materials: Recycled Metal and Plastic
Warranty: Wood (15 years) / Panels and Fiberglass (10 years) / Plastic Lumber and Metal Uprights (50 years) / Net Construction (5 years)
Weight: 271 lbs